Stamping Plates

These are some of my plates, please excuse the dirty ones.

My Online Shop
MJ -Special Edition

MJ-Hello Kitty

MJ Plate VI

MJ Plate VII

LeaLaC XL Plates from Llarowe(here), retail $20.  

Bundle Monster
Plates 201 - 209

Plates 210 - 218

Plates 219 - 225
Plates 301 - 309

Plates 310 - 318

BBF 04

BBF 12

BBF 18

BBF 19



Emily de Molly purchased from Messy Mansion($6.50)

Lily Anna purchased from Messy Mansion($10)

Sugar Bubbles

Betina Plates

This plate didn't want to work.

Messy Mansion($7)

Add caption

 Vivid Lacquer($8)

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