Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Untried Tuesday - Urban Decay Hustle with feather accent

So I went back to the Urban Decay Naked set of polish.  The set consists of 6 really small bottles of polish that take after the original Naked pallet.  For today's look I'm going with Hustle  
Hustle is a dark  brown that applied nice and smooth; it also dried quickly.
 This is two coats with top coat.
Heres a quick swatch of the eye shadow.

 Next I cut up a feather for my accent nail.  This was like the fifth try.  I finally found a thick base that the feather was able to attach to.  The other issue I had was fitting the feather to my nail.  You just need to be careful it doesn't start to fall apart.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday's Challenge in Adventures in Stamping

So today's challenge  in the face book group Adventures in Stamping was to stamp over a saran wrap base.  

This is what I used for the base.
 A quick coat of My Boyfriend Scales Walls and than big random dots of Blow, Lament, and Can't Find My Czechbook.   
 Using the saran wrap  I spread the dots of polish out so that they overlap and create that effect, and than added top coat.  
 I stamped some butterflies using the DRK-B Plate.

Here is the end result.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

First Attempt at a Saran wrap Mani

This Sunday's challenge in the face book group Adventure in Stamping is to stamp over a saran wrap base.  So here is my first attempt to create a saran wrap mani.  This is what I used .

After applying Orly Bonder, I went with a very, very dark blue Le Chateau.   This does look black but I swear its blue.  This is from the Holiday 2011 collection.

The application was nice and no smooth with no streaks or bald spots.
 This is two coats and top coat.

 Broke out with the saran wrap.  You'll need a new piece for each finger.
Next I applied Orly Faint of Heart a light brownish/grey.

 Working one nail at a time I applied Faint of Heart and while it was still wet I used the wadded up saran wrap to gently dab the nail until I was happy with the detail.  If you squint and turn your head at an angle it look like marble.(just kidding)
 Next I cleaned up the area and moved to the next nail.  When complete I added a top coat.  Still thinking of what to stamp on them.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

OPI Russian Navy(matte) and dots

I just wanted to do something simple today, so I decided to go with OPI's Russian Navy in a matte finish.
  I should have buffed my nails prior to application because you can see all the ridges.
 This is two coats, since this has a matte finish I didn't add a top coat.  FYI matte finish polish tends to chip faster, so keep that in mind when working with mattes. 
 Using the Orly dotting tool and SH Mega-shine top coat I added dots to my nails.

 Using both sides of the dotting tool I added different size dots randomly to the nails.  This is supper quick and easy. 
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Untried Tuesday- Zoya Frida and Cheeky Plate

This is what I did today for untried Tuesday.   
 I started off with Zoya Frida, which I just picked up at Ulta for $2.99.
 Zoya describes Frida as a sheer, dark, warm-toned teal blue with buildable jelly gloss finish.  This was 5 coats with top coat.  Having to use so many coats I was glad that it at least it dried fast.

 I than used Cheek CH46 plate and Urban Outfitters in Green Holo to add the designs onto my nail. 
Here is the final look, with no top coat.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Nail Mail and small haul 7/21

Nothing like getting some nail mail.  Sylvia from Mundo de Unas was making a trip to the states, so I went ahead and ordered some more stamping polish from her.  

I went ahead and ordered the cream, pink, orange, and swatched the teal that I received awhile back.   I paid $3 a piece for them.  They all work great, here they are stamped over Orly's Liquid Vinyl.  

They're thick but not gooey, a little goes a long way.  They do have a strong scent to them, that's the only negative.

Now for the haul part, I bought clearance polish from Ulta, Rite Aid, and Big Lots.

At Ulta I found Frida for $2.99, at Rite Aid, I got L'oreal Macaroon Me Madly also for $2.99, and at Big Lots,  I got Sinful colors in Nova, Revlon Calla Lily for $1 each,  nail strips for $1.50 and an elf brush for clean up for .95.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

In Remembrance of Talia Joy

On July 16, 2013,  thirteen year old You Tube makeup guru, Talia Joy Castellano,  lost her battle to childhood cancer after fighting for six and a half years.   One of the last pictures she posted on instagram was of her and her moms mint green mani.

So here is my #mintmanifortaliajoy

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Simple stripes and dots with Illamasqua

I broke out with the tape and dotting tool for todays nails.
These are the colors I used today.  
 For the base I used Illamasqua's Load and for the designs I went with Illamasqua's Nomad.  I purchased both from Sephora.

 Gotta love the names Illamasqua gives it's products.  Load is a sheer off white color.  The application was a bit difficult.  It was streaky and left a few bald spots on the base.
I used three coats plus a top coat.
Using Illamasqua Nomad, a dotting tool and tape I added stripes and dots to my nails

 Finally I added a pink fimo flower.

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