Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tom Ford - Trophy Wife

I finally got around to using Tom Ford's Trophy Wife.  It's been sitting in the Bloomingdales bag since early March.

 I tend to favor the darker reds, but this one is lovely.  It looks like a raspberry red with fuchsia shimmer.
 The formula was nice, no bald spots or streaks.  I used two coats with a quick dry top coat.

 In direct sun light the fuchsia shimmer comes out to play.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent - Bleu Celadon

I've been wearing Bleu Celadon, which was a part of my Mother's day gift, all week.
Bleu Celadon($27) is from the Summer 2014 Bleus Lumiere collection.  
I just took these pictures today.  You can see that after 5 days off cooking, cleaning, and other chores there's no tip wear or chips.
 The polish applied beautifully, with no streaks, or bald spots.  It took two coats to make it opaque.

 Some nail mail from yet another group buy. 

I love the designs, but they were a little finicky.  They only worked with the MdU polish and a squishy stamper.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mother's Day Nail Mail

Woohoo!!  Mother's Day Nail Mail

These are from the Chanel summer 2014 collection and the YSL Bleus Lumiere collection.
 They are so pretty, I don't know which one to use first.  Yeah OK, you got me the YSL.
 I also got double the samples since they came in two separate boxes.
From Messy Mansion the latest Lily Anna plates.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Colors by Llorowe - Ebony & Emeralds

I know I should be using bright colors, but I can't get enough of these dark shades.  I recently ordered Ebony & Emeralds from Llarowe.
 Llarowe describes this as a black jelly base with golden to green shimmer.
 This is two coats with a QDTC.  The application went on great with no issues what so ever.

 The sparkle really comes out in the sunlight.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Burberry - Oxblood No. 303

I finally got around to using Burberry Oxblood.  I love vampy colors and this one is going down as one of my favorites.    
Oxblood is a beautiful red wine color.  I used two coats with no top coat and they are still so shiny.
 Burberry polish is formulated with patent-pending technology,  a long-lasting high gloss finish with accelerated drying and hardening times.  
 The brush has been an issue with a few people, they didn't like how the hard  bristles made the application difficult around the edges.  I didn't have any problems with it, I thought it spread the polish nicely.  

 I didn't add any stamping to it, but I went ahead and added some gold detail that I'd bought from Aliexpress.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Chanel Sky Line

I don't know what happened, I got into a reading kick and that's all I wanted to do.  I finally came up for air and needed to do my nails.  I went with Chanel Sky Line.
 This is a silvery, periwinkle blue with issues.  The formula borders on being a metallic finish so be prepared for visible brush strokes.  I went ahead and dabbed on a third layer with a make up sponge to get rid of the brush strokes.
I added some designs using Red Angel plate RA-114 and KC Black
 The images are a bit small so I had to stretch them out with the squishy stamper.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dance Legend - Thermo No. 177

I finally got around to using a thermo polish.  I went with Dance Legend Thermo No. 177 for my first.  I got this from Llarowe, it retails for $13.
 This is such a pretty almost pearly pink.
 I used three thin coats and the application was great.  
 Looks like a little pink tie dye when they get wet.
 This is such a bright pink in the sun.

 It changes from an almost white when hot to a pink when cold.
 Really quickly I played around and added designs using HD -B from Bunny nails and dark brown from Mundo de Uñas.

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