Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chanel Azure and Essie Trophy Wife

So a few people have been wondering how close Essie's Trophy Wife is to Chanel's Azure.  From the bottle shots, they look similar.  

This is two coats with no top coat of both essie and Chanel

So I have essie on my index and ring finger and Chanel on the others.  Azure is actually lighter and more of a metallic finish.
To me essie is more of a turquoise while Azure leans towards teal.
They were both hard to photograph.
I do prefer Azure because it looks so bright.

So what do you think is Trophy wife close enough for you??

Monday, April 29, 2013

Adventures in Stamping Sunday's Challenge

So this past Sunday's challenge was inspiration from your favorite shoes.  I choose an old pair of patchwork Coach  tennis shoes.

So this is what I used for the base

Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream is one of the few pinks in my collection, but easily my favorite.  This is two coats on each nail.

Here are the stamping polishes I used.  I actually mixed a few to get the right shade.  Just make sure you work fast because they dry quickly
 MJ plate IV which I purchased from Myonline Shop but you can also order them from Ninja Polish.  I really like her plates because there is a nice mixture of full nail designs as well as smaller art work.

Here is the finished look.

Well that's all for today, TTFN!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mani Fail:( Emily de Molly Muted Madness

I was so excited to try Muted Madness from Emily de Molly.  It's one of the few Indie polish that I own.  I purchased this from Llarowe.  It was $13 for a 12ml bottle.

As you can see from the bottle shots, it is full of bright blue, red, green, and yellow hexagon glitters.  As well as some holographic micro-glitter suspended in a black base.

This was 2 coats over Orly's Black Vinyl.  It applied great, the glitter spread out evenly, no clumps to rearrange.  I should have left it alone, but no lets add a top coat.  Apparently MM doesn't play nice with  Nina Ultra Pro Dry Top Coat.  It shrunk everything, WAWA!!

So if it hadn't been for the shrinkage(insert giggle), it would have been a pretty mani.  

So have you had any mani fails recently?? 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Chanel Le Vernis in Bel-Argus stamped Mani.

So I was lucky that a neighbor was kind enough to drop off my Chanel package that was left on his front door.  I guess I16 looks like G16.  Anyway I did a quick swatch yesterday.  I love the colors so much that I decided to do a quick stamped mani and comparison.

Here's a quick bottle comparison, with OPI Blue my mind.

So I used the OPI only on my thumb for comparison.  While it is a similar color the finish is different.

Next I stamped some butterflies using the Apipila P.2 plate(here) over Chanel Azure.

And here is the finished look.

Are you picking up anything from the summer collection?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nail Mail 4/25/13

Snoopy Dance!!

There's nothing like going to the mail box and finding boxes in there.  It's like Christmas in April.  I only have two packages to show you today, but I'm still excited.

The first are nail stamping plates from My Online Shop.  Which you can purchase from Ninja Polish (here), for $18.75.

This is the Special Edition plate.  It is full of different cartoon characters like piglet, barney, Disney Princess's and I think this will be my favorite plate.

This is the Hello Kitty Plate.  I love the Hello Kitty as Darth Vador.

Plate Xll has the Mario's I've been looking for.

Plate X, I picked this one for the full nail designs.
So I'll be testing the images tomorrow, and I'll get back to you with the results:)

The second package is my mothers day gift from my girls, and it's from Chanel.  They have good taste. Living in a small town means any high end product needs to be ordered.  So I'll usually order from Chanel or my favorite Nordstrom.  The Le Vernis are now $27.

I got two of the Le Vernis from the new summer collection.   

Since I can't have enough blues or teals I picked Azure, and Bel-Argus.  

Just a quick swatch, they are so bright in real life.  I tried a butterfly mani, which was horrible but the colors looked great next to the black.  Will definitely be trying that again. 

 They are both metallic finishes which does make the application a little streaky.  You can still see the brush strokes; but I could just sponge on a third layer to get rid of the brush strokes.

Well that's all for today, TTFN!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Urban Outfitters Holographic in Silver

So I was given the privilege of doing my pre-teens nails.  Leave it to her to give me some ground rules as it pertains to being given that honor.  
1.  NO filing of the nails
2.  NO pushing back of the cuticles
3.  NO clean up because it's to cold

So I started off using UO Silver Holo as the base coat.   

I only used Rejuvacote as the base coat.  The polish still applied smoothly and I didn't get any bald spots, which I like.

I then used the Lilo and Stitch water decals that I purchased from RLR Creations.  

So are all preens this difficult or I'm I just lucky??

Monday, April 22, 2013

Color Club Hologram in Cloud Nine

The rain finally stopped so I went with Color Club hologram in Cloud Nine.

I did use the Nfu Oh Aqua Base.  You can see the residue around the cuticle area.  That's the one negative about using the water base.  But it does make difficult polish apply easier.

Look at the pretty rainbow on my nails.

I went ahead and applied the Hello Kitty as KISS water decals that I picked up from RLR Creations.  Since I went with a colored background, I did have to fill in the white in the decals.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Stamping Challenge

Here is my mani for Sunday's challenge for  the facebook group,
Adventure in Stamping.  This weeks theme is Earth day.

Here is the polish I used, Kleancolor in white, Zoya in Nina, China Glaze in Re-fresh mint, China Glaze in Gaga for Green, and Beautifully Disney in Off to the Ball.
Plates:  Sugar Bubbles 003 ( here) for the white clouds.

and I used LLC-B to make the nail decals.

I have to say I like the Disney polish.  It's the perfect shade of light blue for the background.

That's all for now, I hope your having a great day!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Nail Mail!!

I love going to the mail box and finding packages in there,  I do a little snoppy happy dance!!

I'll start off with the small package.  I ordered some water decals from RLR Creations(here).  It's easy nail art.  I ordered Grumpy Hello Kitty, KISS Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty as Avengers, and I asked her to make some Lilo and Stitch decals.  I love that she'll do custom orders for you.  Just be aware that any decal that has white is actually clear on the decal.  So for the Hello Kitty decals I either have to use over a white base or fill in the decal prior to applying it to the nail.

Here is my Valentine mani using her owl decals.

The second box came from Mundo de Unas(here).  I ordered 5 plates for $25 and a stamping polish in Teal for $3.  I can not begin to tell you how much I love these plates.   Each plate has full nail designs as well as smaller designs that you could layer to create unique nail art.  

Handy 23/Burberry

 Handy 12/Chanel

 Handy 25/Hello Kitty

Handy 11/Monster High

Handy 31/Pacman, Betty Boop, and Mickey Mouse

  I swatched all 5 plates using Kleancolor black and my Konad stamper.  Not a blurry or difficult image to pick up in the bunch. They all stamped great!  The smallest detail from the lines on the lips or the small writing on the logo, it's all there.   

So do you have any nail mail??