Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nail Mail 4/25/13

Snoopy Dance!!

There's nothing like going to the mail box and finding boxes in there.  It's like Christmas in April.  I only have two packages to show you today, but I'm still excited.

The first are nail stamping plates from My Online Shop.  Which you can purchase from Ninja Polish (here), for $18.75.

This is the Special Edition plate.  It is full of different cartoon characters like piglet, barney, Disney Princess's and I think this will be my favorite plate.

This is the Hello Kitty Plate.  I love the Hello Kitty as Darth Vador.

Plate Xll has the Mario's I've been looking for.

Plate X, I picked this one for the full nail designs.
So I'll be testing the images tomorrow, and I'll get back to you with the results:)

The second package is my mothers day gift from my girls, and it's from Chanel.  They have good taste. Living in a small town means any high end product needs to be ordered.  So I'll usually order from Chanel or my favorite Nordstrom.  The Le Vernis are now $27.

I got two of the Le Vernis from the new summer collection.   

Since I can't have enough blues or teals I picked Azure, and Bel-Argus.  

Just a quick swatch, they are so bright in real life.  I tried a butterfly mani, which was horrible but the colors looked great next to the black.  Will definitely be trying that again. 

 They are both metallic finishes which does make the application a little streaky.  You can still see the brush strokes; but I could just sponge on a third layer to get rid of the brush strokes.

Well that's all for today, TTFN!

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