Friday, April 19, 2013

Nail Mail!!

I love going to the mail box and finding packages in there,  I do a little snoppy happy dance!!

I'll start off with the small package.  I ordered some water decals from RLR Creations(here).  It's easy nail art.  I ordered Grumpy Hello Kitty, KISS Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty as Avengers, and I asked her to make some Lilo and Stitch decals.  I love that she'll do custom orders for you.  Just be aware that any decal that has white is actually clear on the decal.  So for the Hello Kitty decals I either have to use over a white base or fill in the decal prior to applying it to the nail.

Here is my Valentine mani using her owl decals.

The second box came from Mundo de Unas(here).  I ordered 5 plates for $25 and a stamping polish in Teal for $3.  I can not begin to tell you how much I love these plates.   Each plate has full nail designs as well as smaller designs that you could layer to create unique nail art.  

Handy 23/Burberry

 Handy 12/Chanel

 Handy 25/Hello Kitty

Handy 11/Monster High

Handy 31/Pacman, Betty Boop, and Mickey Mouse

  I swatched all 5 plates using Kleancolor black and my Konad stamper.  Not a blurry or difficult image to pick up in the bunch. They all stamped great!  The smallest detail from the lines on the lips or the small writing on the logo, it's all there.   

So do you have any nail mail??


  1. Thanks for this awesome post. I just found out about this gal and her plates and was going to order some of them. I read on another blog that her stamping polish is fantastic. Did it stamp well for you?
    Also I just found your blog when I was searching for more images of her plates and you have some great posts. Have put you on my bloglovin post.

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    2. Her polish works great. I have photo's of swatches in my July post New Mail and small haul 7/21. A little goes a long way.