Sunday, February 16, 2014

CrowsToes - Hellhound

While I was hunting down Orly's Black Vinyl( both the old and a new one have gone MIA) I came across CrowsToes Hellhound.  
I don't even remember when I bought this,  I think I might have a problem. 
 But look at how pretty it is. 
I used two coats over a black undies(base).
 I picked this up from Llarowe.  It retails for $13 for a 15ml bottle(same size as OPI).   Hellhound is a sheer burgundy base with flecks that shift from orange to gold.
The application was great, no streaks or bald spots and dried fairly quickly.

Congratulations to Carly V. who won my Zoya prize pack of my favorite 3 Pixie's.

Thanks for stopping by.

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