Thursday, October 31, 2013

Zoya promotion!!!

Just saw this and I wanted to share with you guys!! 

 Zoya is offering a free polish plus free shipping today!

Happy Halloween Pixies! Come trick or treat at our haunted house until 11:59pm EST tonight! for a trick OR a treat mauahahaha

Happy Halloween

The last nails of this Halloween season.

As a base I used Orly Black Vinyl and CG Cheers to You.

Next using MJ plates IV, VI, and KC in black  I added the witch and the hat's.  For the spider web and barb-wire I used Sugar Bubbles plate 001.  I used Cheers to You to stamp, and I am really happy how well it stamped over the black.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Zoya and Roman Luxe Ring Giveaway

Just saw this and I thought I'd share, good luck!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Untried Tuesday - Essie we're in it together

I was at Marshall's this past week looking for some StriVectin and came across all kinds of goodies.  I was proud of myself for only picking up some moisturizer and walking away from the polish.  I get in line to pay and what do they have there but essie, China Glaze, and some $OPI.  I was so close!!  Anyway I came home with essie, we're in it together.
This is from the 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness Collection.  It's a light pink polish with subtle blue shimmer.
Application was a little streaky at first but better with the second coat.

 I added a glitter gradient using China Glaze Hello Gorgeous!

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Adventures in Stamping Sunday Challenge - Holographic Base

Today's challenge was to use a holographic base, I chose Hits Dionisio.  This is from their No Olimpio Collection.
Speciallit√° Hits is a polish brand from Brazil, I purchased this from Llarowe for $8.  This is the original formula, it has recently been reformulated.

This is two coats over Revlon Gel Base coat instead of the Nfu Aqua base.   I didn't use a top coat since they can kill the holo effect.

I added some skulls using the DRK-A plate and Urban Outfitters Silver Holo.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

October Game day Nails

Alabama is taking on Arkansas today so I needed to have some game day nails.  Since it's October I went ahead and added some pink as well.  This is what I came up with.

Started off with a base of CG Dandy Lyin' Around, a shimmery white.

I added the houndstooth designs using DRK-A plate, KC Black and Konad pastel pink.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Nails - Spiders

As I was looking at my nail racks trying to get inspired, I heard my oldest daughter scream.  She saw a spider in her room.  After hunting down the spider I knew what I was going to do.
 I used China Glaze Cast A Spell as the base coat.  This was from the 2012 Wicked Collection.  This is a black base with green and gold shimmer.
 Application was nice and smooth.  I used two coats with a QD top coat.  I like to use a top coat when stamping just in case I make a mistake.  This way, if I'm careful I can only remove the stamp.

I added the spiders using Betina plate B-11 and Maybelline Bold Gold
I went ahead and added a matte top coat  to keep it from looking too girly.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Adventures in Stamping Sunday Challenge - Black Base

Today's challenge is to stamp over a black base.  

Started off with my favorite black polish, from Orly.

Then I went ahead and added a matte TC.

Using plate 220 from MoYou and Mexican Pink from Mundo de Unas I stamped the designs unto my nails.

Here is the finished look.   I really like how bright the pink shows up over the dark base.
 It's not even winter and my skin is so dry.  I'm using Gold Bond Intensive Hand Cream.  I think I might need to switch it up for winter.  Any suggestions?

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Playing around with water marble

Thanks to TS Karen, we now have a lot of drinking water.  So I went ahead and decided to try doing some water marbling.  

 Started off with my favorite orange.  China Glaze Riveting, this was from the Hunger Games Collection.
 This is such a bright, shimmery orange.  

Here are the supplies I used.   Cup of water, clear polish and Sinful colors Black on Black, tape to keep the polish from getting all over  my fingers and a toothpick.
 Alternate between black and clear polish until I have the desired amount of rings.(the rings should be better formed)  
 With your toothpick lightly drag the polish thru your rings,  creating whatever image you have in mind.
 Once you place your finger over the design you want to keep it there until you remove the rest of the polish from the cup.  Do this by using the toothpick again to gather whatever is left.  

Once again I can't leave anything alone, I went ahead and added a matte top coat.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

MoYou Plates

Part of my anniversary present consisted of MoYou plates.   For some reason the company split in half but they both kept the name.  One handles the round plates and the other the bigger rectangle plates.  I ordered from both.

 I went ahead and participated in a group buy for the round plates.  As part of a group buy the prices went from $7.65 to $2.90.  How could I pass that up.   Something to keep in mind the full nail images run on the small side.   Here is what I ordered.

Here is a quick swatch over YSL Gris Underground.  Note to self:  Never swatch at 2 in the morning!
Pinkie is a Saran wrap base using acrylic paint.

Next using a coupon code that was passed around to the Facebook group Adventures in Stamping, I ordered from MoYou London.(here)   They've released some great original plates, but I went with the more traditional ones.  The plates are around $8

Some quick swatches over Tom Ford Black Sugar. 

Both sets work great.  I love all the detail in the designs.  I did have some issues using the X-large squishy stamper with these.  But the Fab ur Nails stamper worked great.  I think because it's a little firmer, it allows it to pick up the thinner lines and details.

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