Monday, October 7, 2013

MoYou Plates

Part of my anniversary present consisted of MoYou plates.   For some reason the company split in half but they both kept the name.  One handles the round plates and the other the bigger rectangle plates.  I ordered from both.

 I went ahead and participated in a group buy for the round plates.  As part of a group buy the prices went from $7.65 to $2.90.  How could I pass that up.   Something to keep in mind the full nail images run on the small side.   Here is what I ordered.

Here is a quick swatch over YSL Gris Underground.  Note to self:  Never swatch at 2 in the morning!
Pinkie is a Saran wrap base using acrylic paint.

Next using a coupon code that was passed around to the Facebook group Adventures in Stamping, I ordered from MoYou London.(here)   They've released some great original plates, but I went with the more traditional ones.  The plates are around $8

Some quick swatches over Tom Ford Black Sugar. 

Both sets work great.  I love all the detail in the designs.  I did have some issues using the X-large squishy stamper with these.  But the Fab ur Nails stamper worked great.  I think because it's a little firmer, it allows it to pick up the thinner lines and details.

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  1. Ooo I so want Moyou 66 with the little Dachshund/Teckel/Wiener dog or how you call it :D