Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Playing around with water marble

Thanks to TS Karen, we now have a lot of drinking water.  So I went ahead and decided to try doing some water marbling.  

 Started off with my favorite orange.  China Glaze Riveting, this was from the Hunger Games Collection.
 This is such a bright, shimmery orange.  

Here are the supplies I used.   Cup of water, clear polish and Sinful colors Black on Black, tape to keep the polish from getting all over  my fingers and a toothpick.
 Alternate between black and clear polish until I have the desired amount of rings.(the rings should be better formed)  
 With your toothpick lightly drag the polish thru your rings,  creating whatever image you have in mind.
 Once you place your finger over the design you want to keep it there until you remove the rest of the polish from the cup.  Do this by using the toothpick again to gather whatever is left.  

Once again I can't leave anything alone, I went ahead and added a matte top coat.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is such a beautiful Halloween-themed design! I love the China Glaze polish, it looks like candy :)

    1. Thank you The Nail Snail! I was so happy it actually worked, this was my second time trying water marble.