Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Part 1 of my Make-up Collection - Blush

So I'm having A/C issues at the moment and having problems with some stamping, so I decided to show you my make up stash starting with my blush collection.
 This is the MAC Pro Palette Large/Duo, since they were released the price has dropped.  The palette itself is $8 and the insert is $2.  I really don't like this palette, even though both sides are magnetized if the items aren't in an insert they will flop around.

Highlighters, sculpt and shape powders, and blushes.
Honey Light, Warm Light/Definitive, top Pink Cult(matte), Full Fuchsia(satin)

Top row: Loverush(sheer tone, Fleur Power, Cantaloupe
Bottom row: Blushbaby(sheer tone),  Margin(frost),  My Highland Honey(satin)
From the Venomous Villains Collection

Top row: Oh So Fair(beauty powder), Bite of an Apple(matte)
Bottom row: Briar Rose(beauty powder) 
From the Wonder Woman collection

Top row Mighty Aphrodite, Amazon Princess,
Bottom row Pink Power
Mineralize Skinfinish
Top row: Refined, Stereo Rose
Bottom row: Brunette
Chased, Rude

Last but not least

Laguna and everyone's favorite Orgasm
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