Thursday, May 2, 2013

Zoya Storm

So it has been raining really bad here all day,  I took my cue from Mother Nature and decided to use Zoya's Storm.

 So this is from the 2012 Zoya Ornate Collection.  Storm is a black base polish with holo glitter.  Just like with all holo's unless your in direct light you wont see the effect. 

 I still like how it looks, almost like a dark stary night.

 This is two coats topped with Zoya's Armor.

Here is the effect under direct light, very colorful.

Alright I'm off the work on my Iron Man mani for tomorrow, are you going to watch Iron Man 3?


  1. Awesome blog, Chris!!! Very much looking forward to future posts!!! :)

  2. Black polish is my fave, must get this one!