Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Magnetic Mani

So I have a few magnetic polishes I've never played with, so I reached into the bin and pulled out Sinful Color's Polar Opposites.  

 So this is two coats, prior to clean up.  It's a lighter grey with blue shimmer thru out.
 Instead of using the magnet it came with I used one of this.  It's suppose to be for Gelish polish, but what the heck, a magnets a magnet right and for .49 it's even better.
 So after a heavy third coat and the magnet I got a few lines to pop up.  I moved the magnet to get vertical lines instead of horizontal lines.  You can kind of see the polish getting darker and the blue shimmer is more vibrant.

Remember when working with magnetic polish, after the initial base coat, its better to do one nail at a time.

 Since I wasn't really happy with it I pulled out my plates and stamped a few images over it.  I went with Cheeky Plate - D.  I purchased from Amazon, retails for $8.49. 

I think my nails curve too much for magnetic polishes, so I only get partial effects.  Have you had any success with them??

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  1. Love how creative you can be, and make plain nails really pop!!