Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nail Stampers 101

They're so many different stamper out there, here is a quick reference to help you pick the right stamper 
for you.
 I did a quick two coats of polish so excuse the lack of clean up around my nails.

This is the Magno XL Stamper, I purchased this from Magno Nails(here).  Retails for around $5(3,99EUR).  It is a two sided stamper, difference between other two sided stamper both sides on this are super soft.  This is the largest stamper I've seen, the larger side is 1.18 inches in diameter, and the smaller side is .78 in diameter.  So this is great for people with large nails.   

Pro - Size, Stays in the holder, both sides are soft!
Con - Doesn't work with all plates

This is an XL Stamper, I purchased this from Ninja Polish(here).  It retails for $8 and comes with two scrapers and two tops a white one which is super squishy, and a red one which is soft but not squishy.  You can see my nails curve a lot using the white stamper allows me to just press the image directly onto my nail, which I love.  The larger side in 1in in diameter, the smaller side is a little over 1/2in in diameter.  These type of stampers either work great and pick up all images or they don't work at all.  I've been lucky the two I've had have worked great.  

Pro - Works, great with my C shape nails, double sided
Con - Can come apart from the holder, at first really slick which keeps it from picking up images(use acetone or lightly buff it), it's very sticky will attract all kinds of lint.

 Konad Stamper is the stamper that started it all.  You can find it on Amazon for $5.14, it comes with a metal scrapper.  This stamper does the best job at picking up the images.  Unlike the other two, this one is harder so there is little give to it.  You have to roll the stamper across your nail, which can leave bald spots
Pro - Double sided stamper, picks up images cleanly, can clean using tape or lint roller.
Con - Hard stamper tops

You can see the spots I get when I use the Konad stamper, but the image does come out crisp and clean.

XL stamper, Konad, Magno and XL stamper again

Here's what they look afterwards, you can see the impression of my whole finger on the XL Stamper(3rd).

Hopefully this helps:)


  1. Hi! Hope you don't mind me commenting on this old article :)

    I'm desperately in need of a very squishy XL Stamper and thought Magno stamper looks perfect. It looks like though that they only ship to Europe (I live in Australia) so I'm looking for an alternative.

    Is this Ninja Polish XL stamper very squishy? In terms of squishiness, does it come very close to Magno stamper?

    I have a MoYou London XL stamper. It's soft enough but not that squishy so as to just 'bury' your nail into the stamper rather than rolling.


    1. Hi Yuri,
      If your nails have a prominent C-curve you will definitely need a squishy stamper. They tend to hug your nail when you press it down so there is no need to roll it. The Magno stamper is a little firmer so you might have to do a little rolling.(I'll be having a giveaway the beginning of the year with a Magno stamper so keep an eye out for that!)

      I would contact Ninja and see if what they currently have in stock is still a soft squishy one; they(the makers) are constantly changing the texture of the stamper heads. I've bought 2 from Ninja the first worked great as is, the second I had to prep it in order to use it and it may be too soft because on some plates it squishes the polish out and part of the design will be missing.

      I hope this helps. Just let me know if you have any other questions.


    2. Thanks Chris, that's really helpful. I'll contact Ninja Polish about the stamper they've got at the moment. Also looking forward to the stamper giveaway :)

  2. great article , very useful ( a lot of work put in it i guess!), thanks for posting!