Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Urban Outfitters - Pink Holo

What's this, the sun is OUT!!  Woo-hoo break out some holo polish.

On my last outing in New Orleans we stopped at Urban Outfitters looking for band aids of all things.  We walked out with a box of zombie band aids and two clearance polishes.

My niece found a bucket full of dusty  .99 cent polishes.  I walked out with a pink and blue holo.

 My nails have a lot of ridges so I  applied two coats of the Revlon Gel Base Coat.
 The application was great, this is three coats with no top coat.

 In the shade it turns into a muted pink.
 I waited as long as possible, but my plates started calling my name.  I went with some heart designs using Apipila p.2 plate and KC in black.
 I was trying out a new stamper on my pinky finger with no success.   I need to use a lighter hand so it doesn't turn into a blob.
Still have time to to enter the All You Need Is Love(and polish) Valentine's Giveaway.(here)

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