Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mani Fail:( Emily de Molly Muted Madness

I was so excited to try Muted Madness from Emily de Molly.  It's one of the few Indie polish that I own.  I purchased this from Llarowe.  It was $13 for a 12ml bottle.

As you can see from the bottle shots, it is full of bright blue, red, green, and yellow hexagon glitters.  As well as some holographic micro-glitter suspended in a black base.

This was 2 coats over Orly's Black Vinyl.  It applied great, the glitter spread out evenly, no clumps to rearrange.  I should have left it alone, but no lets add a top coat.  Apparently MM doesn't play nice with  Nina Ultra Pro Dry Top Coat.  It shrunk everything, WAWA!!

So if it hadn't been for the shrinkage(insert giggle), it would have been a pretty mani.  

So have you had any mani fails recently?? 

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