Friday, April 12, 2013

Urban Outfitter Green Holo

Here is everything I used for this mani.  

After using Gelous as a basecoat and Nfu Aquabase on my left hand only(I wanted to see if it really made a difference) I applied Urban Outfitters Green Holo.

On my left hand, with only Gelous, it applied patchy.  I had a bald spot on my ring finger and it took three coats to smooth everything out.  On my right hand, the one with Nfu Aquabase it was a smooth application and only two coats were needed.  Keep in mind when using an aquabase, you have to wait for it to be completely dry before you begin to apply the polish.  

In terms of a difference in the holo-ness between the aquabase vs reg. basecoat I didn't see a difference.

Next I picked up the stamped decal I made using plate MJ IV.  I painted the dino's using China Glaze's in Unpredictable and Deviantly Daring.

After applying a little top coat place the decal on the nail and using a soft paddle brush I smooth the image out.  Using a little acetone I clean up the edges.  Finish it up by adding more top coat.

Here is the finished look!

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