Friday, July 26, 2013

First Attempt at a Saran wrap Mani

This Sunday's challenge in the face book group Adventure in Stamping is to stamp over a saran wrap base.  So here is my first attempt to create a saran wrap mani.  This is what I used .

After applying Orly Bonder, I went with a very, very dark blue Le Chateau.   This does look black but I swear its blue.  This is from the Holiday 2011 collection.

The application was nice and no smooth with no streaks or bald spots.
 This is two coats and top coat.

 Broke out with the saran wrap.  You'll need a new piece for each finger.
Next I applied Orly Faint of Heart a light brownish/grey.

 Working one nail at a time I applied Faint of Heart and while it was still wet I used the wadded up saran wrap to gently dab the nail until I was happy with the detail.  If you squint and turn your head at an angle it look like marble.(just kidding)
 Next I cleaned up the area and moved to the next nail.  When complete I added a top coat.  Still thinking of what to stamp on them.

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