Thursday, August 29, 2013

Emily de Molly - Black Forest

During Llarowe's last restock of the Emily de Molly polish I was lucky enough to have purchased Dark Forces and Oceanic Forces.  Waiting for them to arrive was taking forever.  So I went ahead and applied Black Forest. 

 This is a black jelly base with different size hex green glitters.  
This is over a coat of Orly Black Vinyl.  Emily de Molly is an indie brand from Australia, she doesn't ship to the states so if your interested in her polish you need to go through a retailer like Llarowe.    This is two coats over the Orly.  This polish is so sheer that it's meant to be used as a top coat over a colored base.
 They are a little pricey at $13, but the formula was great.  The glitter went and spread easily through out the nail.
 Once my nails were done I checked the mail and what did I find?  But Oceanic Forces and Dark Forces.  Here they are with Cosmic Forces,  Muted Madness and Black Forest

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