Monday, January 27, 2014

Dior - Porcelaine 204

Woohoo, today is my birthday!  My birthday nails are kind of boring but it is such a pretty color I wanted to leave it be.  My husband added to my Dior and Burberry collection and I wanted to wear one of my presents.

 This is part of the Trianon spring 2014 collection.  There are three polishes plus a top coat in this collection.  They retail for $24.
 Porcelaine is a very light baby blue in a creme formula.
 The application was nice.  The first layer was a little bit streaky but after that initial layer it went on nice and smooth.
 This is three thin coats with a QDTC.

 Here are some "similar" colors that I found in my collection,  Zoya Blu and Beautifully Disney Off To The Ball.

 Beautifully Disney($9.95) seems to be closer in color than Zoya Blu($9).

I'm taking part in the All You Need Is Love (and polish) Giveaway over at
The Mercurial Magpie a lot of great prizes to be won.  This is my contribution to the giveaway.  Make sure to enter and good luck!

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