Thursday, June 27, 2013

Color Club Wing Fling Stamped

 Wing Fling is part of the Color Club Take Wing Collection Summer 2012.  I found this way in the back of a drawer, so I thought I use this today before I lose it again.

 This is a very bright color.  It's a magenta jelly base with pink and purple shimmer.
It's a sheer color, so I used two coats with top coat.

 The formula on this was nice and smooth, it dried fairly quickly as well.  
 This is what I used to stamp the designs, the DRK-B plate which I bought at Ninja Polish, and Kleancolor in Black to stamp with.

 I went ahead and used a Matte top coat.

 I actually like this better with a matte finish, it's still nice and bright.

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