Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rite Aide Haul - L′ORÉAL Gold Dust Collection

Once again on my way to Target I decided to stop at Ride Aide to see if they had anything new.  I spotted the new L′ORÉAL textured polishes from the Gold Dust Collection.  Four out of the nine, from the collection came home with me.

Sexy in Sequins, Too Dimensional?, Hidden Gems, Rough Around the Edges

This is Hidden Gems, this is a blackened teal with silver glitter.

 With a top coat.

 Rough Around the Edges is a black base with silver shimmer

 With top coat it reminds me a little like Zoya Storm

Zoya Storm
Sexy in Sequins is a dark purple with red, purple, and blue glitter.

 With top coat, it's so sparkly.

Too Dimensional? is a violet base polish with gold and purple glitter.
Opps, I see a nick:(

In the shade

These went on fairly well.  I opted for three sheer coats to get it nice and opaque.  These do feel a bit rougher than say, the Pixies or the the Liquid Sands.  So if the texture of those bother you, you might want to skip these.

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